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PMP Study Sessions

COMING SOON!  Project Queen presents PMP Study Sessions!  This is a LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM led by Project Queen. We teach you how to properly study for the PMP Exam.  This study series is lively, engaging and "DeMystifies the Complexity" of the PMP Exam!

Failure can be paralyzing especially for a professional that has many accomplishments. This book delves into how to break the paralysis, pick up the right pieces and pull out a win. Failure is not a final destination but can happen along a success journey.

NEW: How to get into Project Management: 

Online Class

( Starting 07/16/2019 )

This new online class will walk you through the fundamentals of establishing a career in Project Management!  Beginning July 17, 2019, this class will meet online every Wednesday for 4 weeks for only $249!  Click below to enroll by paying $99 down now, and $38/week for 4 weeks!

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