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Effective Resumes

As you know, I am passionate about resumes reflecting your true abilities and ensuring the written marketing tool is an adequate depiction of the type of employee you'll be. Let's face it this is your ticket into many companies and organizations. I have been really busy lately and really don't have time to create resumes anymore. However I will offer resume advise in my status messages that hopefully will be helpful to assist with creating a masterpiece of your credentials. Also I am referring all to a phenomenal woman with the same passion and proven results Kim N. Carswell she has been assisting individuals to get the job of their dreams for years. Kim N. Carswell is one of my respected Facebook friends she conducts monthly seminars in the Atlanta area to help job-seekers get the job of their dreams with a solid and effective marketing strategy.

Resume's are important and should be taken seriously and approached thoroughly. Volunteer work need to be included on your resume. Let's face it many who volunteer know that it takes a lot of work and effort to accomplish goals when you're volunteering almost more than a full time job. The value in giving your all in volunteer efforts can not be measured monetarily.

Thanks for reading this note watch out for conference calls and webinars coming soon for resume preparation, information gathering, market analysis to writing successful resumes.

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