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Is it realistic to pass the PMP Exam with a 3-Day, 4-Day or 5-Day Bootcamp?

A question often asked by Project Managers doing their research on which company to choose to assist with PMP examination preparation. This is a fair question especially since there’s an ambiguous amount of information out there. People have different learning styles and methods and backgrounds. Performing a web search on preparation courses and the PMP exam alone turns up many companies with various pricing structure. High price does not mean high value. Recommendations would be the best route to take to find the best course. Bootcamps are designed to focus studies, condition the students and free up time. The delivery method in PMP Exam Prep bootcamp makes a difference in how receptive participants are to the information.

Learning style plays a huge part in comprehending and studying the information at such a quick tempo. A Comprehensive bootcamp covers various learning styles. Flee from bootcamps that only use the PMBOK as a resource or bootcamps where you are given a book and the instructor reads the information verbatim with limited explanation.

Powerpoint presentations are not the most effective method to be used in a PMP bootcamp because it gives the illusion of learned information on a slide show but the reality of a person remembering that information two days later or even four days later is slim to none. Participants want knowledgeable presenters who can facilitate well and meet all the demanding needs. Lots of concentrated information is given in a quick hopefully digestible format in these bootcamps so you want a memorable experience.

Information in bootcamps should be segmented and delivered according to either the different areas of project management or process groups. These are some expectations for a quick crash course either 2 day, 3 day or 4 day bootcamp courses.

Work the " Project Queen " I take into account all I have written in this article to give you a WON and DONE outcome. Time with me will never be wasted and you will get the result of passing the PMP.

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